Camel Foal born in Győr Zoo!

Recently, the visitors could welcome a newcomer, as a two-humped camel foal was born in the Xantus János Zoo in Győr. Múmia – the camel mare, having a Dutch origin – has proved to be a very attentive mother, she has carefully preserved her baby from the very beginning. On the day of her birth, the she-camel could stand and even walk with a little bit uncertain steps around her mother in the corral and on the following day, she bravely ventured out to the paddock as well.

The beautiful foal has been named Bolor – it means crystal in Mongolian – which is a worthy name for the gangling, slender-built and bright-eyed camel baby.

The camel foal, Bolor and her mother feel really good and they can be seen in the camel paddock.

It is worth walking in the zoo open-eyed in summer, too, as every season holds some pleasant surprises for the visitors. Come and visit the Zoo of Győr, find the charming camels and spend an eventful day there.

Wine Days of Gyôr, Wine, Wine Knight and Gastronomy Festival

During the time of the festival more than 60 vineries move to the Széchenyi and Dunakapu Square to create a pleasant atmosphere for the festival. The event does not only guide the visitors into the world of wine and flavours, but the four-day-long festival is full of cultural programs organized at the squares. During the festival period several competitions and shows are held, such as ‘Wine of the city of Győr’ or the ‘Wine of the Festival’.


Dunakapu Square, Széchenyi Square

Baroque Wedding

The Baroque wedding organized for the 24th times is a unique initiation nationwide, the whole Baroque city centre is the splendid scenery of the event. The event starts with a costumed promenade, which attracts the viewers to the serenade for the bride. On Saturday and Sunday pantomime artists, dancers and musicians gather in the city centre dressed up in Baroque costumes. Besides the fair and the programs for children, the audience can see concerts on the stage at Széchenyi Square, while in the old prison of the city performances are held hourly for those who are interested. The most highlighted event of the program is the Baroque promenade in the city centre on Saturday evening, and the ceremony of the Baroque wedding at Dunakapu Square which revives the Transylvanian baronial traditions of the 17th century. A real engaged couple is the main  character of the event, whose friends and family  members dressed up in costumes celebrate together with the locals and the newlyweds on their real wedding.


Széchenyi Square, Dunakapu Square, Baross Gábor street